31 Dec 2020 by admin

Stop Making Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions And Wrong Decisions, Same Thing, Right?


Wrong!  There is a big difference, and the difference could be life and death for your business.

Decision 1 – You decide to do something based on gut instinct because you back yourself rather than others

Decision 2 – You look at the evidence, you interrogate and scrutinise, weigh up all the risks and decide to action

Which one is the bad decision?

Decision making is the toughest part of being an Entrepreneur, the greatest Entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to take quick and decisive decisions


Whether right or wrong, great Entrepreneurs will ALWAYS do the hard work

They will ALWAYS Risk Assess, Interrogate and Scrutinise and Seek Outside Opinion

Decision 1 – Beat yourself up

Decision 2 – Move on, you covered all your bases but you were wrong.  Chances are it won’t be serious.

Stop Making Bad Decisions!

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