01 Jan 2021 by admin

Why You Need A Laser Focus On Your Target Market

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can go out of business trying to be.


“I should be spending more on trying to reach a wider audience, right?”

Wrong. Spend less but target better.

If you were selling cars, you wouldn’t try and sell a 4×4 to someone who drives a mini, would you?

The mini driver likes driving a small car so even if he may like to be able to afford a 4×4 one day, he is not in your Target Market

Work out who THE person is that really wants to buy from you

Learn where they are and what they need

What pains they have and if what your offer provides a solution to that pain

And then

Fall in Love with your ideal client rather than what you are selling them.

Here’s why.

Learning to have laser focus on your Target Market is the T of the Kershaw Partners TABS Framework.

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