16 Feb 2022 by David

The Secret To A Happy Life!

I was listening to a podcast with Simon Sinek the other day and he said he was brought up to believe the following:

“The secret to a happy life, is always having something to look forward to.”

So true, but I thought to myself that this also applies to owning a business.

I am so lucky to get opportunities to meet and chat with event business owners, and to get to understand their pains, problems and desires.

Normally, I discover that actually their biggest pain point, without them realising it, is not knowing what they actually want to achieve.

So in a way they have nothing to look forward to.

And if they don’t have a goal, then they can’t make a plan.

And without a plan, you can’t form a strategy.

I asked a new client the other day what he wanted to achieve from working with me using the TABS Lead Generation Framework, and his answer was,

“I want more sales!” 💰💰💰

Well, yes, but how many do you want or need?

What is the Lifetime Customer Value of a new client?

What number of new sales is sustainable for the business?

In other words, what’s the goal?

Setting up your marketing to develop more leads and create more sales is not that difficult, providing that you know your Target Market.

And so long as you are realistic about what is achievable then you can set a goal which you will hit.

And that IS something to look forward to.

So here’s to a Happy Life! 😊

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